New You Boot Camp Discussion – Why is it so difficult to break bad eating habits?

Healthy eating is a challenge to begin with. Mainly because we are so busy nowadays, and it is easier to grab a sandwich or pastries from the shelf instead of prepare a nice lunch, like brown rice with a piece of chicken breast or salmon and some green leaf salad.

Yes, we all have limited time to prepare the food for the following day. When your schedule starts to interfere with healthy eating habits, you are more likely to skip meals and choose convenient or fast foods to eat. When you take care of yourself by eating healthy, you will be more focused, more productive and more efficient. This will keep you in control of your schedule instead of your schedule controlling you!

When you commit to make healthy eating a priority, it is really essential to be patient with yourself and only set  one or two goals at a time that are achievable.

Small changes show big results over a long period of time. If you pay attention to what your daily consumption includes, you will notice after a while, you need much less food to feel satisfied, and also you will be able to enjoy what you are consuming. We all have to learn to recognize what is the difference between hunger and emotional eating.

We have found a fantastic article that you thought you would also enjoy for further details and tips.

Food is a fuel and it is essential for surviving. The food industry encourage us to eat as much as we can, for as cheap as we can.

Cheap food is not always bad, but the quality and the nutrition you get can be far different. Dr. David A. Kessler in his book, “The End of Overeating: Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite”, talks about certain foods which have got fats, sugars & sodium that create enormous pleasure & are also addictive. Some of the concoction of these chemicals cause individuals to have overwhelming food cravings. If you are looking for a solution to avoid sugar and carbohydrate cravings, it will take willpower to overcome those tempting greasy dishes that are bad for your health.

Overeating is the other issue, which can be really hard to fight as your stomach stretches. Once it has stretched, it will need more food for you to feel satisfied. Well, we all do this sometimes, but don’t forget, it will also trigger your hypothalamus, which regulates appetite, to crave more food. Overall, the more you eat, the more you want to eat. It can become a vicious cycle.

Most of us wonder why our Granny could eat what she wanted?

The answer is quite simple. Granny didn’t have television or she didn’t watch it, she also didn’t have a computer or smart phone which attracts people to sit in front of it or just do not move anywhere at all. A couple of generations ago, people exercise far more than we do. Less exercise means we need less food as well. And less food shouldn’t be sugary, salty or fatty. It should be high in many important nutrients. How can you work on this easily?

Make sure you exercise more, and you eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, protein and natural fats.

Limit your fat and sugar intake including alcohol. Fat should come from healthy oils, like coconut oil or seeds. Try to eat foods from nature. Nature doesn’t produce artificial sweeteners and flavourings, or preservatives.

Eat a variety of food every day; eat slowly as your brain needs more time to realize you are full. Drink plenty of water and consume only as many calories as you use on a daily basis.

Some key negative influences that you should be mindful of:

SOCIAL: Peer pressure to eat badly; isolation; working long hours

PSYCHOLOGICAL: Stress and low self-esteem; snacking when bored; treating food as a reward

EATING AND DRINKING: Big portions; eating too quickly; impulse buying in supermarkets

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: Travelling short distances by car instead of walking; using remote controls to change channels; playing indoors instead of outside

OUR ENVIRONMENT: Desk jobs; expensive gyms; reliance on labour-saving devices

PHYSIOLOGY: Not getting enough sleep; genes that make us crave fatty and sugary foods

TELEVISION, COMPUTERS and  MAGAZINES: Being influenced by unrealistically thin role models; spending hours in front of a TV or computer screen; watching TV adverts for unhealthy foods

In essence, there are many factors that surround us every day to make healthy eating a challenge for those that are starting the journey. However, it is worth every second and every barrier you face as healthy eating is the key to a wonderful happy life. “Food Is Thy Medicine!”

Enjoy your journey! To help you along we have some fantastic recipes that could really help you. Here is the link to some delicious and quick recipes that will help you reach your healthy goals:


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New You Boot Camp Discussion On Organic Vs Factory Farm Eggs

The benefits of organic eggs may be worth the extra cost. Also if you go to the local market and you stop spending your money at the grocery store, you will help a local farmer pay the rent and produce more healthy food.

These organic eggs come from chickens that were given 100 percent organic feed, free of any agricultural chemicals. The chickens are also treated humanely, with access to outdoor space to roam. In addition, the eggs themselves contain essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals needed to keep you healthy.

According to The Times, nowadays half of all eggs sold in supermarkets are free-range, while Britain has the largest free-range flock – 15 million birds – in Europe.

What is happening with the organically raised chickens?

Unfortunately, on those farms who would like to sell organic eggs, the mortality is much higher because they are not allowed to use hormones, antibiotics or any toxic chemical pesticides and fertilizers for at least three years. These eggs are laid from hens that may be kept in any kind of caging system but it is basically cage free. They usually cannot eat genetically modified grain, it will all be fertilizer free as well.

Free range eggs are laid from hens that have the chance to go outside. They can freely move in and out of the barn & spend time roaming outdoors which is more akin to their natural environment. They can also do natural nesting and they have got the ability to develop foraging behaviours.

When trying to maintain a healthy weight by controlling calorie intake, it is important to pay attention to a food item’s serving size and calories per serving. One egg is one serving, which contains about 70 calories. Eggs are a really great source of protein – they contain a significant amount of all of the essential amino acids. Your body needs the protein to renew and rebuild the broken down cells in your organs and muscles. The amount of protein you should take depends on your age and sex. An average amount is 46g of protein per day for most healthy adult women and for a healthy man is 56g per day.

At New You Boot Camp we recommend organic-eggs because of the following health-promoting nutrients:

  • Healthy protein and fat
  • Egg yolk is a good source of D vitamin
  • Yellow and orange carotenoids as lutein and zeaxanthin, can reduce your risk of developing cataracts and age – related macular degeneration
  • It contains choline, which is essential to normal cell structure and function
  • Try to eat organic eggs from free range birds – they have got healthier benefits than eggs that are produced in a factory farm
  • If you fry or scramble eggs, try to use virgin coconut oil, this is relatively high in healthy saturated fatty acids and are therefore quite stable when exposed to low to medium cooking temperatures.
  • Try not to eat cooked eggs every day, to avoid possible allergy. Three to five servings per week is fine for most people.
  • Try to introduce eggs to your daily consumption. For many people, raw eggs are a better food choice than cooked eggs because all heat-sensitive elements are fully intact in raw eggs. Also, raw eggs are more easily assimilated into your bloodstream than cooked eggs.

In essence eggs are fantastic , not just for breakfast or dinner, but also the protein content is  vital for your muscles and for your body to renew and rejuvenate. Eggs are the powerhouses of nutrition! Do remember though –  organic eggs have got less saturated fat and cholesterol & two times more omega 3 , E – vitamin and beta carotene than normal farm factory eggs. In conclusion, we recommend you to buy organic eggs! Maximize The Value of The Great Egg!





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New You Boot Camp Discussion – Local food environments can lead to obesity

A Canadian Study published in Science Daily has shown that local food environments can lead to obesity. If you live in an area with more fast food outlets, take-aways and corner shops rather than supermarkets, fruit &veg shops and butchers this can undoubtedly effect your weight. If people exposed to these fast food restaurants and convenience stores can walk in on their way to work or home, they will likely consume more of these food. This could then lead to gaining weight and obesity. Ones who live far from these tempting services do not have the temptation and by default have to plan their meals and shopping in advance. To read more details into this article please do see the following link -

Researchers at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health examined the association of neighborhood food environments and “walkability” with body mass index (BMI) and obesity in New York.City.

In the last couple of years people’s food consumption away from home has risen and the number of take aways has increased dramatically.

A wide range of factors are associated with the risk of obesity like age, sex, total household income, highest educational qualification, car ownership, total energy intake, smoking status and physical activity.

Among domains at home, at work and along commuting routes, the associations between takeaway and diet were strongest in the work environment because its availability is the most effective around work places. The BMI index is also higher among those people who are exposed to takeaway food outlets.

Fast-food is cheaper and more energy-dense per measure of weight than other raw healthier products such as fruit and vegetables from the grocery store. Thus, it can appear to be the cheaper option but this is a short term solution. It costs you a lot more in health care in the future and undoubtedly will cost you your health.

However, as expected the outstanding result was that there is a strong link between more healthy food stores and a lower BMI.

Most people do wish to follow a healthy way of life but this may prove to be more difficult because healthy food options are not available in small isolated places. They are not easily accessible, or affordable in their communities. In fact, studies have found that low-income and under-served communities often have limited access to stores that sell healthy food, especially high-quality fruits and vegetables. And rural communities often have a higher number of convenience stores, where healthy foods are less available than in larger, retail food markets. The article for The Centre’s of Disease Control and Prevention goes on to discuss that the solution is “Planning for improvement in overall community health should include access to affordable and healthy food.”

As most of the fast food outlets are selling products which are high in sugar and fat, the question of selling unhealthy product without any extra taxation is in the air. Children and adolescents who have high consumption of sugary drinks have a higher health risk because of the effects of sugar. Weight gain, dental cavities, risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease are just a few side effects. For the future the only problem solving method would be the high taxation of sugar sweetened drinks and extremely unhealthy food. The price could change the purchasing habits and this would lead to the calorie intake depleting. The Nursing Times has discussed this in depth and so we have shared the link for you to read further

Creating a more healthy relationship with food and one’s environment would hopefully reserve this trend for the future generations.

A new statistic has just been discussed that on average each of us pass 32 fast food restaurants, takeaways & junk food shops just on the way to work or school. So, be careful that you plan your meals and you shop in advance. Don’t risk your health. Be healthy & Happy and Enjoy good nutritious food.




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